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Pumpkin Boucle Sofa | BELLE

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Get ready to be mesmerized by the stunning BELLE Pumpkin sofa, a show-stopping piece that's sure to turn heads in your home. With its unique shape inspired by a pumpkin, you'll be swept away by its sleek, curved lines that create the perfect cozy spot for a luxurious nap or lazy afternoon.

The adorable design of this sofa brings an extra dash of modern flair to your living space without sacrificing its quirky personality. Sink into its embrace and feel the comfort of its alpaca boucle fabric that gives BELLE its opulent edge. Boucle fabric is all the rage for this one-of-a-kind piece, boasting a rich textured look while maintaining its cozy qualities. The sofa's modern form, combined with the texture and color of its fabric, adds a tantalizing layer of visual interest to your living room. You'll never want to leave the comfort of BELLE!

Pumpkin Boucle Sofa | BELLE


  • Leg Material:  solid wood
  • Fabric: plush alpaca boucle fabric
  • Seat Fill Material: high-density memory foam
  • Back Fill Material: high-density memory foam
  • Frame Material: solid wood

Single seat (1.4 meters) @ $2428
Three seater (2.27 meters / split) @ $3148
Three seater (2.27 meters / overall) @ $3048
Three seater (2.53 meters) @ $3290
Four seater (3.00 meters) @ $3690

For customization, please message us directly.