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Industrial Metal Shelf Partitions | DAVID

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DAVID partition bookshelf features a fresh contemporary look that is both beautiful and functional. DAVID is spacious and sturdy. It also works as a room divider in the living room or as a library in your home office.

Industrial Metal Shelf Partitions | DAVID

A. 80L x 25W x 160H @ $330
B. 80L x 25W x 200H @ $380
C. 80L x 25W x 240H @ $430

D. 120L x 25W x 160H @ $530
E. 120L x 25W x  200H @ $580
F. 120L x 25W x  240H @ $630

G. 160L x 25W x 160H @ $730
H. 160L x 25W x 200H @ $780
I.  160L x 25W x  240H @ $830

J.  200L x 25W x 200H @ $930
K. 200L x 25W x 240H @ $1030

L.  240L x 25W x 200H @ $1030
M. 240L x 25W x 240H @ $1230

N. 280L x 25W x 200H @ $1430
O. 280L x 25W x 240H @ $1630

P. 320L x 25W x 200H @ $1530
Q. 320L x 25W x 240H @ $1730

Iron metal brackets
Boxes are made of solid wood panels

Matte Black
White or Gold (This is for colour customization, please message us directly)