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Cotton Candy Boucle Sofa | AMALA

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AMALA boucle sofa features vertical channel tufting, adding an air of sophistication and luxury to any room, reminiscent of soft and fluffy cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Boucle Sofa | AMALA

Pedal (1.02m):                     $1099
Single Seater (1.56m):         $2629
Two Seater (1.8m):              $3079
Big Two Seater (2.0):           $3399
Three Seater (2.22m):         $3589
Three Seater Split (2.22m)  $3589
Big Three Seater (2.52m)    $3689
Four Seater (2.52m):           $4199

Product Details

*this item is made to order (lead it is 5-6 weeks from order placement).
*fabric is available for customization
*kindly contact us directly for more details