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The office breakout zone is like a magical oasis where work and play collide in a whirlwind of creativity and chill vibes. It's where coffee breaks turn into brainstorming sessions and impromptu meetings spark new ideas. A top-notch breakout area is the secret sauce to happy employees and leaves guests thinking, "Wow, these folks really mean business... in the coolest way possible!" From funky breakout seating to cool acoustic setups and versatile modular pieces, One Happy Home, Singapore is your one-stop shop for all these, making your office dreams a reality!

curved modular sofa
modular sofa in Singapore
modular sofa Singapore
boucle lounge chair
Small Left Armrest: Ginger
Rattan Armchair Singapore
caterpillar sofa
love seat Singapore
accent chair with gold
pouf swivel accent chair
lounge chair Singapore
White accent chair
Lounge / Wicker Rattan Egg Chair | LUCY - onehappyhome
black boucle chair
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